This body of work, entitled ‚CREDO’, documents a personal quest for meaning in our material world. The images were taken over the past years in Germany.

Although no generation before has enjoyed a comparable level of wealth and material well-being, that obviously does not automatically provide happiness: Depression and Anxiety seem to be the prices we pay for our extraordinary privileges. I became interested in the question, whether people who genuinely believe in something higher and more important than themselves, would be more content with their existence than mere materialist consumers. So I visited communist gatherings and catholic pilgrimages, took part in pagan rituals and anti-nuclear-power-rallies. They all had developed specific rituals to express what they believed in. The amazing discovery (from a photographer’s point of view) was that the participant’s body language, facial expressions, gestures, mimics and their group choreography were almost identical. It didn’t matter whether these groups revolted against something, or simply expressed devotion for something. It meets the eye that their CREDO provides them with significance and meaning. To emphasize the universal nature of this phenomenon the photographs were taken in black & white.